Tired of falling asleep in the mid-afternoon? Don't want to drink those chemical filled energy drinks that results in a crash later? These chews are an all natural, delicious and convenient alternative to what you have tried in the past. Small and discreet, you will love these bite-sized chews! With several blends of chocolate, fruit and mint you won't believe you are eating something this healthy!

Each chew is wrapped individually to be conducive to your busy lifestyle. Always have some with you in your car, take them on your run with you, or simply be able to chew them anywhere conveniently on the go. 

We believe you should be able to gain natural energy from whole foods and vitamins instead of sugars and chemicals. That's why we have packed these chews with ingredients like Beet Root, Hawthorne Berry Extract, Green Tea, B-12, encapsulated natural caffeine.